My Prezzie and BBQ (Part II)

OK, before this I posted on my presents and food before I BBQ. Hhmmm.. So now, is the food. Hahaha.. The BBQ is at the back of my house. It's raining and I'm glad the back of my house has been extended long ago. We start off with hot dogs.

Well, my choosy dogs keep barking to ask for some when she smells meat. We put her far away from the bbq set, as she is the type that is being excited. Hahaha ... The lamb is nice!!!! The beef.. errmmmm, I want lamb!!!

Hahaha... The chicken wing is nice too. The sauce that I bought is only RM3 and it really worth it. When I went to Boulevard, all the sauce are below RM6/-. HHmmppffff....

After the BBQ, my brother's friend came with the cakes. Yayaya, I got cake!!! The cake taste nice and I ate most of it. Hehehe .... He is doing this as a partime business. So if anyone wants to order.. Can drop me an email (only in Kuching).
Hhhmmm.. Am I left handed ?? Well, I don't know ...

Cakes contribute by EdsKitchen. For booking, please email me with Subject "EdsKitchen Enquiry"


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