Girls' Talk - Understanding Girls

Just now, while working, was talking to AppleJul, Ching and JenJen mainly on clothing topic. Then I realize that girls talk is always or almost the same everyday, most of the time.

Guys.. For those who is thinking of what girls like to talk about.. well, here you go...

Our main topicsssss :
1. Dress - night dress, office wear, casual wear, ANYTHING!!!
2. Food - yeah!! We often mention about dieting but FOOD is our major topic too!!!
3. Boobs - oppss, did I mention it ?? (Guys, never ever compare your GF main body part with other girls!!!!)
4. Butt - hahahaa, surprising??
5. Sleep - we enjoy sleeping, some of us calls it hibernating moment. Hahaha...
6. Movies - for me, all movies is a movies as it is a movie!

Hahahha.. top 3 can be consider as main topic everyday or almost everyday....

Girlssss .. anyone disagree????


Yep, I agree! And how about:

7. Moaning about men!
Dav DiDi said…
oooppsss.. yayaya .. forgot about that point..:)
Tyson said…
I like topic 3
Hehehe :P

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