Hong Kong Noodles Restaurant, Wisma Saberkas

Anyone ever been here before? This is one of the best restaurant that I use to go. The food is nice and the quality is good too. On the price, it is very reasonable.

I went to have my favourite dish, the claypot mee. They called is mee in pot. Previously, I ate claypot mee at 7th mile. For me, no one can defeat Hong Kong Noodles' Claypot mee. I grade them 10 out of 10! Hahahaha...

My Favourite Mee in Pot

Selling at RM3.50, their claypot mee have a lot of ingredients, including eggs. I like the soup too. My dad is commenting that I drink the soup more than the mee. Anyway, it's nice !!!!

Oh ya, not forgetting their sambal chillie. For those that cannot stand spicy, this is not your choice. As for me, this is a must have items in the menu.

My favourite sambal chillie

My dad ordered the sweet and sour chicken. The taste not bad. RM5 with aircond, I give it grade 7 out of 10.

I would suggest people to come here. I heard that there are one branch at town area, but so far, I haven't been there yet.


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