'Ma Li Chai'/'Mani Chai', also known as Cangkuk Manis

While googling for news about 'malichai', it turns out that I hardly get anything that I am looking for, so this triggers me to write something about this local vegetables that I believe, can only be found in Sarawak.

'Mali chai' is easily planted and grow quite fast as well. In fact, this is the only vegetables that I planted and it didn't fail on me! With its stick, just plant it on the ground and leave the rain and sun to takes care of the rest. Hahaha... 'Mali chai' is a word in hokkien that mostly use in Kuching. 'Chai' means vegetables. Hakka people called it 'su choi'. Well, this vege doesn't seems to have an English name. If we are to translate from BM to English, it definitely sounds weird - Sweet Hook. I think anyone who hear 'sweet hook' will not be keen to try it out..

So, how do 'mali chai' looks like? I've snap the photos of this vegetables at my garden. Actually, I've just harvest the vegetables few weeks ago and now, it seems like soon, I'll have my vege again. Yeahhh!!!

I believe 'mali chai' contains a lot of iron. It is a very nice vegetables. The only part that can be eaten are the leaves. Unlike other vegetables where you can all parts of it. After taking only the leaves, wash and torn it into pieces.

There are few ways to cook this vegetables. You can either cook it as a side dish to eat with rice or fried it with vercimelli, 'bee hoon' or mee.

'Mali chai' and eggs is the best combinations amongst all. Apart from that, you can also cook it plain and simple with only onions or you can just add some 'ikan bilis' for taste.

However, I would prefer to eat 'mali chai' beehoon or 'mali chai' mee. In normal store around Kuching, you can always find 'mali chai' beehoon. 'Mali chai' mee is just my own invention few weeks ago as I had forgotten that I don't have bee hoon to fry with my vege. Hahaha...

Anyway, hopes that soon, more people would talk about this vege. This is one of the best vege that I love! If one day I'm away from Kuching, I'll definitely miss it.


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