Hong Kong Bun - Xiao Ba Wang

Have anyone been to this place? I actually asked SK to help in translating them into English. According to her 'xiao' refers to small while 'ba wang' is gangster. Hhmmmm....
It is located right opposite the Stutong Market. BF say this is second branch. For me, this is the first time I saw it. This is a good place for 'pao' lovers to have their breakfast. BF and I went there once for breakfast since it's on the way to our workplace.

First impression - I like it here. Not much traffics and the place is clean. Second impression - what happen to the day dreaming waitresses?? I want to take my order! Third impression - do they know that we are waiting?

The food is nice. For BF, it is superb. He has been eating 'pao' for breakfast for almost everyday. Well maybe like what he say, for me everything is the same. But I must say the dim sum is nice.
Anyway, I think they should really improve the workers efficiency. The other day, BF forgotten whether he had paid for the drinks or not. So he ask the workers and they are so blur, including the one that serve us the drink. He looked at us and just say 'sudah bayar'. If I'm not mistaken, I saw BF take out RM3 only. And it can possibly be RM3 for 2 pao + air suam + kopi O peng. Or it is possible?


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