It's Tea Break! Let's go Memories!

Memories cafe is located at Padungan area not far from the Padungan roundabout (the roundabout with big statue of cats).

This is actually the first time I came here. The environment is quite nice and calming. If you are looking for a place for chit-chat, this might be the right place for you. Although the space is not that big, but every table is quite spacious and you do not have to worry about over crowded.

I find the waitress quite cute. Let me elaborate in case some of you think elsewhere. Quite in terms that he/she looks like first time waitress and doesn't really know how to answer customer enquiries. Anyway, he/she is quite polite as he/she would reply with a blur smile and say 'let me ask taukenio'. Ok, I put it as he/she because I can't figure out if the waitress is he or she ... (I think is she, hehehe).

I start my 'date' with teacher by ordering watermelon juice. My friend ordered the same too. Our ex-teacher ordered coffee.

The waitress recommended us for their tea break offer that comes with a free coffee or tea. However, I'm not into tea or coffee at that time but interested with the french toast. I ask for the french toast without the coffee and the waitress gave me a funny look. Hahaha...

Teacher order the 2 layer toast but she only want it to be filled with peanut butter. Again, the waitress gave us a weird look and ask few time to confirm that only one flavor for the double layer toast.

My friend order french fries ...

Overall, I like the weird service. Although it's quite a blur communication, but at least the waitress is being very polite. Then for the food, ok lar .. I don't think anyone could do any special taste of toast. All bread taste the same for me. Haha...


And you spreading hungriness by the post. HA Ha ha...I wish to have watermelon juice right now. Waitress...One watermelon juice plz.
Rose said…
Hubby and I like to eat its fried rice especially the belacan flavour. Its laksa used to be nice but that was before it burnt down few years ago. The interior was nicer than current one.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Hobo,
I'm glad I made someone hungry with my post .. haha .. it's watermelon season here .. can easily find one and DIY .. *wink*

Really? Actually this is the first time I came here ...

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