Let's Burn the Bad Luck Away!

Last week, while on my way home, I pass by a little temple near my house. It sounds like they are having karaoke but when I get closer, it is more like celebrating some occasions.

There's a lot of people that time and flags are everywhere the area. So, out of curiousity, we stop and have a look at what is going on. Although I'm Christian, I do believe that there's no harm in knowing other religions activities and practices, right?

Before I got there, I have a feeling that it is about walking through burning coal. My instinct proof it right when I saw a long stretch of ready pathway with a red cloth on top of it.

Anyway, I waited for almost one hour. First, some members of the temple pass through the pathway, carrying a flag, each have different colors. Then, I heard an announcement calling all foster children and foster grandchildren to enter the temple. Hhhmmmm....

After about 15 minutes, all of them came out again and this time, they carry a man out. This man sat on a chair that looks like for the king (something like priest for Christian). The man would call up each and every of the member and tell them something.

After a while, another guy would paste a paper, writing some Chinese character on it. Another guy would go through every corner of the pathway and start to bless it (I think).

They will take away the red cloth before burning the pathway. About 6 man will stand opposite each other and start the burning ceremony.

After the pathway started to burn, 4 black shirt man, each carrying a black flag stand at each corner of the pathway.

I waited for another half an hour but it seems like it may take another hour before I can see anyone walking on top of the burning pathway.

Well, I guess, I'll just have to wait for next time to see that again.


Rose said…
So, anyone walk on the fire? I thought it would cos I saw this thing before in TV. Suppose to get rid of bad luck
Dav DiDi said…
Should have .. I ever watch it when I'm a kid .. they wait till the charcoal turn into ashes but still burning ..
Thanks for Stopping by Everyday Mom Ideas. I think its neat that you just happened upon this neat scene!

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