Christian Ecumenical Centre, Kuching - Holy Spirit Makes Us One

Christian Ecumenical Centre located at Jalan Stampin, is a joint christian centre for all churches in Kuching. It has a hall for a multi purpose functions, be it for churches events or personal such as a wedding banquet.

As previously mention in my blog, so on the 7th May, I attended the healing and deliverance sesion at Christian Ecumenical Centre. It is nice to see the place is crowded with people with faith and trust in Him.

While waiting for more people to come, we sing song. Being the 'curious cat', I walked around the center and went into the Life Book Centre which is next to the hall. Saw this bag which I almost wants to bring it back with me.

My dad is one of the members for the Holy Cross Ministry. I didn't join him as I'm way too lazy to fill my time fully. I rather sleep or just sit in front of TV and watch dvd. What a sinner I am!

Well, at least I attend the session, right. While waiting for BF, I almost fall asleep. The songs makes me sleepy. The hall begins to fill up more and more people while I 'fall asleep'.

This session is quite friendly session. Everywhere around you, you could see people dressing up comfortably regardless of tidiness. I even see people dressing up like as if they are going to sleep!

The session begins with some speech from Stephen Bong. After that, it is the healing and deliverance session. During this time, I heard people shouting and crying when the healing and deliverance session starts. This is actually a healing from the inside. Most of them who cried during this session would feel much 'lighter' after that. Well, I'm not sure how to explain but its like the whole burden in your heart has been released and you felt happier once again.

While the deliverance took place, BF end up in Heaven.


Hahaha! You are funny! How can your body be in church while your heart and soul are not? Aiyah, who's that sleeping lah? You ke?
Dav DiDi said…
Hi, Thanks for coming back .. its my bf .. haha, i guess to enjoy with the songs?
Handsome chap! Even when asleep. Lucky you! N lucky him? Haha!
Dav DiDi said…
Haha.. surely he will be happy to hear this

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