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Dine at Pai Jia Le, RH Plaza, BDC

Its been a while since the day I came here for food. Actually, our original plan is Sweet Happiness at Stutong. However, when we got there, the place is fully booked! Wow, I never know Kuching-lang is so lazy in cooking.

So we settled down at Pai Jia Le.

When we reach there, we are greeted with a plate of peanuts and menu for drinks. I order watermelon juice. BF order crysanthemum tea while my dad, as usual, chinese tea.

BF saw "Sze Chuan Soup" in the menu and straightaway order this. For me, I've been thinking of 'o-jien' since I open my eyes in the morning. My dad ordered 3-layer pork fried in salty fish. Then, we order mix vegetables and also sweet and sour fish.

The sze chuan soup is way too sour. I like it sour but the other two guys don't really likes sour stuff. Haha.. But above all, 'o-jien'!!!!! It turns out that the other two guys don't want to eat o-jien and I ended up eating almost half the plate. lol...

BF and my dad likes the fried pork with salted fish. Well, without rice, it is extremely salty. But overall, it's ok. When the fish came, my eye almost pops out because of the size of the fish. We ended up 'tapao' back half of the fish.

Overall, the food is quite nice. I give it grade 7 out of 10. Hehehe.....

2 tell DD: 2:29 PM  

I can have the whole O-Jian for myself. It's just simply delicious!

Dav DiDi 7:05 AM  

Me too.. but after that, its the cholesterol that's frightening

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