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Ranchan Pool, Serian

Woohooooooooooooooo!!!!! Ranchan is one of the most "I WANT TO GO" place for quite some times. It's a recreational park that can only be found in Serian at zero cost. Yeah, you heard me right. The entrance fee is nil!

If I am to compare between Ranchan and Matang Family Park, I would definitely say Ranchan is the best!! Why? It's zero fee and there's food here while Matang Family Park serves limited food. Also, for those who urge for more jungle fun, you can rent a chalet here but in Matang, this is not possible!

Ok, enough promotion about Ranchan. We reached there quite late though (due to the traffic). Obviously we are not hungry anymore but instead tired and exhausted. The kids are so happy seeing the cool water that they just jump in it. I must say that the weather is terrible hot.

View from top of the bridge

And higher up the bridge...

How I wish that I too, did bring some changing clothes. The water is so nice and I'm so excited to jump into it. Sob sob sob...

So, get over it, I'll just carry my phone and snap photos everywhere - snap photos of my dad washing his leg, pictures of the kids having fun, the waterfall and the places...
Hopefully, one day, we will have the trip again and have fun playing and snobbing around. Hehehe...

2 tell DD:

RaiNboW 8:33 PM  

Make me wanna go Ranchan pool also

Dav DiDi 7:24 AM  

Hahaha .. go go go !

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