Jong Crocodile, Revisited Again

Jong Crocodile, here I am again! Previously, I have posted three posting (part 1, part 2, part 3) about Jong's Crocodile.

This time, I notice there's some changes or a lot of changes... Things that remains are the entrance fee: RM10 for Sarawakian and RM16 for non-Sarawakian. Yeah, somehow, I felt being Sarawakian do give me some benefits.

That day, Jong Crocodile earn a bunch from us. I went there with my cousins's family, in total - 8 adults + 7 kids. So you can imagine how chaos the day!

The Entrance

No change of fees
Adult - RM10 (Sarawakian) / RM16 (non Sarawakian)
Children below 12 - RM5 (Sarawakian) / RM8 (non Sarawakian)


The Fishes

Crocodile Feeding - Gate A

Animals in Jongs'

Lastime, I manage to take picture with this bird, side by side. It appears to me that this bird is 'dying'

The biggest crocs I've ever seen!!!

No idea what's this ..

This goat is previously located inside the building. I guess due to renovation, they migrate them out to the open space. They look so skinny now (compared to last time)
The ponds

Nothing much change here ... there's more fishes now and the bridge felt 'unsecure' .. haha ...

Bunch of kids ...

Can't remember the scientific name, but told my nieces and nephews this is 'big fish' .. haha

Here's the board that tells about the fish..

The 'arch' of flowers ... Actually I want to snap picture of the arc


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