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Pig Slaughtering, Niah, Miri

Have you imagine how do we get our pork? In fact, I do think of how do they slaughter this lovely animal to satisfy our needs for pork.

During the trip to Niah, BF had taken photos of how a pig is being slaughtered for the consumption of the whole families. For those who is low in spirit, you can close my blog now... Hehehe ...

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not there. If I am there, my heart would cries out and ask them not to kill it. Instead of helping them, I'll be giving them more troubles in the slaughtering process. Aiks..

Here's the slaughtering...

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Hobo ........ ........ ........ 2:16 PM  

Be a vegetarian rather than killing a soul.

Dav DiDi 3:39 PM  

haha, Hobo, when I see this, I also think of changing to a vegetarian

Aries 3:51 PM  

Not to mentioned watching people slaughter pig, I can't even watch my grandma slaughter chicken. When I was playing Farmville (Facebook) I once told my son, how nice if I have a farm just like that. He turn and look at me in a peculiar way and said, how are you going to slaughter those animals. Hmmmm he got a point there.

Dav DiDi 4:20 PM  

Haha, Aries, same here ... when I watched someone killing chicken, i actually keep yelling and say don't kill it ..

But if there's no slaughtering, then there's no meat on the table..sigh

Coiledice 1:02 AM  

Nice! Cool pics! It is also our family tradition to butcher a pig and roast it and eat it. It's natures gift!

江婷 1:42 AM  

Pen and ink is wits plough.................................................................

Dav DiDi 7:50 AM  

Hi Coiledice, oh well, i just dont have the heart to see them being slaughtered .. but if ask me to eat.. i'll be most likely be the first one .. haha ..

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