St. Charles, Missouri

After some recommendation by our colleagues in US, we decided to go to St. Charles to experience some Christmas celebration here. This is one of the best part of the whole 2 weeks journey in US!

There are plenty of shops here. We didn’t went into all the shops as we just wants to talk a walked around the area. When we felt way too cold, then we will just storms into one of the shop to take shelter. Hehehe…

Anyway, I’ll just let pictures speaks for me. I didn’t take much photos here as my camera’s battery is blinking. Sigh!

JIngle Bell .. Jingle Bell

Lights everywhere ..

The shopsssss...

I can feel the Christmas mood here

Can I have that stockings?

Some of the residences having their fun 'BBQ-ing'


More decorations for Christmas

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell!...


CHRISTMAS isn't Christmas until it happens in your heart. When it is so, everyday is Christmas as everyday, someone born to know Christ our Lost.


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