Minda Guesthouse

While planning for my trip to Miri, I’ve search all through for a reasonable hotel or place to stay for a night in Miri town. Although HB is from Miri, but he is at Niah, Miri. It is still best to find a place to stay if I wants to go round Miri town.

Of course, there’s a lot of hotels in Miri but then, we are looking for something cozy and reasonably cheap. I did some google search to see if I can find anything about place of stay in Miri.

Surprisingly, I came across this website that introduces Minda Guesthouse.

You can book online too!

So what’s the cost? For one night stay, it cost RM50 per room. If you do not mind to share room, the price is  even cheaper. For me, it will be HB and me, so I prefer some privacy.

For RM50, don’t expect much. You need to:-
-          Share bathroom
-          Make your own breakfast (it is provided)
-          Get your own drinks at the little pantry
-          Turn on the aircond yourself, or if you prefer fan..

The living room where everyone in the guesthouse can enjoy movie while talking to each other

Ok ok .. i mess up the room. 

The stair case going down to pantry 
But, for RM50, it is a surprise that they have free wife 24 hours a day!! For me, I felt like at home when I stay here. Surely, I’ll come here again when I drop by Miri.


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