Kings Archery

After polluting my blog with foods almost all the time, finally, I've got inspiration to post something which isn't about food.

I'll begin clearing all the food posting with archery. What do you think at the first place about this sports? Easy? Oh well, let me tell you, its tough!! The toughest of all, is to close my left eye and focus the arrows using my right eye. Huh!! That explains why some professional becomes 'pirates' while playing this sports. Haha...

When I'm in Miri, we came across this archery centre. Its a new one and is having promotion. RM10 for 20 arrows and free another 20 arrows. Hehehe... Both hubby and me try it out...And they have someone there to guide you too.

Students and teachers all focussing on the bull's eye

Apart from the inappropriate dress, do I look like one professionals? Hehehe...

HB and his arrows
I'll definitely come here again when I go to Miri. Hehehe...


Aries said…
I love archery but only get to play once. Some hotels in Penang, Melaka etc do have archery but outdoor. Looks like you had a great time in Miri

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