Bukit Mata Seafood Restaurant, One Jaya

I think I've post about Bukit Mata Seafood for dinner, did I?

Hehe, this time, I went there for lunch. Well, when we talk about seafood restaurant, what we will think of is seafood and side dishes, am I right?

During lunch time, one of my lunch location will be the Bukit Mata Seafood and One Jaya. If you are wondering of the price, well, its affordable.. I'll let the picture speaks for me. If you are not a big eater, I suggest sharing. I can't finish one plate by myself. I need helpers..

RM 4.50 - cantonese kueh tiaw

Fried bee hoon - RM4.50

RM4.50, Crispy tomato mee.. this is what I order. And I can't finish the whole thing myself

Tomato kueh tiaw - RM4.50

Butter chicken rice - RM5
The price and air-conditioned..no hassle of smokes from cigarettes of the heat from the sun.. worth it right? 


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