Lame Excuses Not to Exercise

After gossips and planning meeting just now, I realize that I have a lot of lame excuses lately. Anyone wants to learn ?

Last week, I plan for jogging and aerobics. Let me start with the first day of Oct'08 onwards.

Wed, 1st Oct
Plan : Jogging
Lame excuse : shopping

Thur, 2nd Oct
Plan : Aerobics
Lame Excuse : tired due to shopping

Fri, 3rd Oct
Plan : Jogging
Lame Excuse : Too much work to do causing tiredness and stress

Sat, 4th Oct
Plan : no plan
Lame Excuse : Since no plan, then just no need exercise

Sun, 5th Oct
Plan : Walk around neighbourhood
Lame Excuse : Wants to watch movie

Mon, 6th Oct
Plan : Jogging
Lame Excuse : BF forgot to take shoes therefore no one accompany me jogging

Tue, 7th Oct
Plan : Aerobics
Lame Excuse : Traffic Jam, therefore very rushing to go

Wed (today), 8th Oct
Plan : Jogging (everything is already set)
Lame Excuse : Raining ?????


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