Global Warming, Save the Planet - Say NO to Bottled Water

P/S: I know my post title sounds like "say NO to Smoking"

Process of producing plastic bottles

I read a very interesting topics from my emails regarding bottled water. Most of us never know the facts of bottle water. All we know is that bottle water is easily to reach. Simply walk into nearby supermarket, we can fill our thirst with one of the bottle water. After that, the bottle is simply throw into the nearet rubbish bins.

Let say one bottle cost us RM1.00 (I know there are bottled water which cost only 60 cents). The actual facts that we never know is that the cost of one bottle water is actually more than 1,000 times cost os tap water! Wow, we are actually very 'rich' as we would rather buy water which cost more than 1,000 times the normal water!

By consuming bottled water, actually it gives us negative impact in 3 ways. First is of course WASTE MONEY. Secondly, bottle water is always plastic bottle and plastic contains Bisphenol-A (BPA) that can do harm to our body. Thirdly, plastic can harm our Mother Earth as it takes times to gets back to its natural form! Let me elaborate with some calculation.

In theory of the research, human consume 26,000,000,000 liters of bottle water in 2004. Let say 1 bottle is equals to 800 ml. So:

26,000,000,000 * 1000 / 800 = 32,500,000,000 bottled goes into rubbish bin per year!!!!

Let me go deep into the calculation. This figure is roughly, the total quantity of bottle rubbish. One year is equals to 365 days:

32,500,000,000 / 365 = 89,041,095 bottles rubbish per day

And, in one day, we have 24 hours:

89,041,095 / 24 = 3,710,045 bottles rubbish per hour

Lastly, in one hour, there is 60 minutes and every minutes is 60 seconds:

3,710,045 / (60*60) = 1,030 bottle rubbish per seconds!!!!

Aren't we rich? In total, humans is wasting RM1,030 per second. In less than 5 seconds, total money is wasted is more than my salary! lol .. I feel I'm paid too cheap now..

This is the facts of money wasted. What about oil? One article that I read is that they need 17,000,000,000 barrels of oil to produce a year production of water. How much oil do our car runs per year? Well, I believe you can calculate this yourself.

What about carbon dioxide? CO2 is needed in order to produce the plastics bottle. In this case, more than 2 million tons os CO2 is release just to product plastics bottle to support a year consumption of bottle water!


Is plastic bottle good for our health??

The bottled water processed may lacks of fluoride ion. This, indirectly increase the risk of tooth decay due to lack of fluoride ion.

I believe everyone knows that there are always talks about how plastics relates to cancer. So think again if you still say bottled water is clean and good for health.

LASTLY, say NO to bottle water!!!


NO to the bottle water~~~

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