Labor’s Day Activity

Ever year, labor’s day is celebrated every 1st of May. Actually, I don’t think the word labor’s day suits the occasion. Why? Well, supermarket is still open, which means there are some labors out there that didn’t celebrate labor’s day.

So what did I do on this day? Well, not much activity though. In the morning, I am busy cleaning the house. Mopping, sweeping, cleaning the window and even my dog’s bed. She is still sleeping on her old bed covered with carpets and clothes. I have made one bed for her and just completed a while ago (picture in next posting).

After the cleaning in the morning, BF came. Initial plan is to watch X-Men Origins, The Wolverine. Yeah!!! So off we go to Star Cineplex. These places had improved from time to time. I like the pathway from the entrance until the end of it that I can’t help not to take any photos of it.

Looks like paradise to me

This time we didn’t buy popcorn. There are new food stall there – Akira Sushi. Being the sushi fan, I went there and bought 2 sets – unagi and don’t know what to call the other one. Hahahaha.. I ate them in the cinema. There’s been miscommunication between BF and me about the sushi. I thought he doesn’t want it but his meaning is actually he doesn’t wants to eat sushi in the cinema. Well, I finished them. After the movie, he asked where the sushi is. Of course it is in my stomach. Hahahaha!!

Akira Sushi in Star Cineplex

Unagi & Octopus

Guess what... At the end of the movie, everyone stands up, thinking the movie had finish. But we are all wrong! For a minutes, everyone is watching Wolvering standing up. I only manage to snap the photos after the end of the movie. Sigh....

Hey, movie is still on!