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Weekend’s Shopping

Previously I mentioned to AppleJul and my other friends that I am trying to say NO to shopping for at least 3 months (the last time I shop is before CNY, that is in January).

Well in April and May, my shopping mood is back! Due to the LEA centre sales, I bought 1 sandal. At first, I intended to buy 2 but on second thought, I settle with one. Hahaha.. BF is the one that suggested to have a look there because he is looking for shoes. End of the day, I am the one that buy something instead of him. Hhmmppffff…

RM36, after 50% discount, it became RM18.. I wonder if I can wear this to the expo

Not only that, pampered myself with short pants too! I have been looking for one for quite some time already. Normally the short pants that I saw are either too pricey or too flowery. Yeah, sometimes, gals tends to be choosy so guy, remember to be patient with your gals ya..

RM15 @Everise, BDC

Let me see, what else besides this two. Oh ya, my new skirt! Dua Puluh Sen is having 50% sales on all items. I think the sales is still on. Being the girl that cannot resist temptation of shopping, I went there with BF. It’s very hard to look for a nice one due to the crowd. I didn’t even try the skirt before buying it. BF is kind enough to buy this skirt as a gift. Hehehe…..

RM15 also, at Dua Puluh Sen Store

2 tell DD:

The World According To Me 5:26 AM  

You can't beat retail therapy! Like your purchases.

Dav DiDi 7:46 AM  

Hahaha .. yeah ... yesterday I bought another 2 items .. hhmmm

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