A(H1N1) Detected in Sarawak

Few days ago, the first A(H1N1) had been detected in Sarawak. A 23 year old student from Melbourne had been confirmed to have A(H1N1) virus. The student reached Kuala Lumpur at 6.15am from Melbourne via MH 128 and his connecting flight back to Kuching, MH2504, arrived at 10.15am. He was seated at 30J onboard MH128 and at 11H on MH2504.

Couple of days before, I just wrote that there is no influenza cases in Sarawak. It seems like this virus starts to spreads to all over Malaysia. Definitely this is not a good news for all sarawakian!

Two more schools are temporary closed. One of them only close the morning session and not the afternoon session. I read an article that this virus can survive in normal temperature for up to 48 hours. I don't understand why is it that the afternoon session remains open. I can understand the worries for the parents of the afternoon session students. The school should take all steps including shutting down the whole school, not just one session. For me, it is better to be safe than sorry. If it happens to my kids, I will NOT let them going to school!

Death cases for influenza pandemic is also on the rise. Total suspected cases is also increasing. The health minister has already ask that anyone coming back from Manilla, Australia, UK and US to quarantine themselves for 7 days. Well, this is one of the good step to prevent the disease from spreading.

I guess, for the time being, it is better to postponed any kind of travelling plan. Not only to those affected country, but also other places. We never know who in the airport has this virus. It might be someone who sit beside us while waiting for boarding or maybe someone who stands beside us in a shop at the airport. It is very unpredictable. We should also all take all sorts of safety precautions such as wash our hand frequently, go to see doctor immediately when there is sign of H1N1 and wearing facemask when it is necessary. I doubt that anyone would wear facemask for now. It seems to be in our genetics for now wearing facemask. Haaaiihzzzzz ....

Let's all pray that this bad news will ends soon.


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