Church Wedding @30th May 2009

For some of us, 30th May isn’t any special day that we will remember the rest of our life. But for some people, it’s the biggest day of their life. Congratulations to the newly wed couple, Patrick & Sandra.

BF had annoyed me early in the morning by telling me that the church service starts at 10.30am. Later, at 9.30am, he told me that he is coming to pick me now and the service starts at 10.00am. I got panicked for a second because I haven’t taken my bath yet! For girls, getting ready to go out isn’t just about taking bath and pick the closest jeans and t-shirts available. So, to get ready in roughly 10 minutes is almost near to impossible. I quickly rush to have the shortest bath ever! BF arrives at my house when I’m still picking what clothes to wear. I packed everything (toner, moisturizer, hair cream, medicines for my finger, etc) into my bag and was thinking to put it on when I’m in the car while BF is driving. He then, asks why am I so rushing since the church service is 10.30am. I feel like kicking his butt. Things to learnt: Guys, 30 minutes is a very BIG different to girl, ok!!!

The church service is sweet. The choirs are good too. We got there 10.30am sharp. There are quite a lot of people when we arrived. Well, this is the first time that I saw a church is filled with people attending wedding mass. Anyway, I snap some photos again.

My batteries’ dead. I had to use BF hand phone to snap some of the photos. Also, some photos from the part time photographers, Clarence (in another post).


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