A Compulsory Pass In English?

I strong support this!!

Recently our education minister has announce that there will be some consideration to make English a compulsory pass in SPM. Well, I think this is a very good suggestions. It is not about forgetting our mother language but this is more in advancing our progress globally.

In today's world, everything needs English. University books are mainly in English. When you travel overseas, English is the bridge of communications. In electronic world, English too, play a very important roles. No matter what sector our job is, we need English to communicate and upgrading our lifestyle. I don't see that there is any harm not to make English a compulsory pass in SPM.

Some says that this will increase total number of students that failed SPM. Well, for me, the question is not whether number of students failed SPM will increase or not but the question is do we want to compete with the big world out there? Are we ready to challenge and be competitive globally or locally? If the target is to only be competitive locally, then there is no need for English. If we wants to compete with the world, English is definitely the starting point for the success. So, I don't any point why there is so much fuss about making English a must pass in SPM.

During my school time, my English is extremely poor. I'm use to standing on top of the table just because I cannot understand grammer and past-tense or present-tense. My teacher is a very strict and well educated in English. In fact, she is a partime lecturer for English in one of the universities here. I know that she wants us to progress in English and getting D for my English is very common. But this is not the point. In SPM, I got an A for my English. Well, my English improved only when I'm in universities. During SPM time, my English is really poor. I'm very surprise that I still can get A in English. If the standard of passing mark in English doesn't improved, I believe making English is a must pass will gives a passing rate of more than 95% of the students. I can't recalled anyone that failed English in my school time!

I totally agree with Dr. M as what mention in TheStar, that if parents keep on rejecting English, future of the country is at stake. Take one simple example. What if a tourist ask you for direction and you had no idea what they wants? If I am a tourist and there is no way for communication in that country, I'll think twice of going there. Why? Well, what if I lost my way and there is no one that understand my words for help? Not only that, imagine if hotel receptionist doesn't know how to speak English. How would they helps those foreign tourist staying at the hotels?

Well, this is just my rubbish thoughts of the importance of English. I believe our government knows what best for the country. If they decides not to make English is a compulsory pass, I believe they have their own reasons for it.


RaiNboW said…
Haha.. Before this announcement I thought English is a compulsary pass before anyone can graduate. I support this cause too. I think our education system need to upgrade in order for us to be able to survive in future.
Dav DiDi said…
Actually I also thought that it is a must to pass English.. Hahaha ..!
Amaresh said…
i love it

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