Gawai at Serian

On the second day of Gawai, I went to Serian to join BF group in Gawai visiting. This year, the weather is extremely hot! AppleJul had followed me too. Well, I invited her to join us since we have a long holiday and definitely it’s bored to spend the long holiday looking at the four walls at home.

We started of the journey from Kuching at 9.30am. BF picked up AppleJul first as the house is on the way to my house. BF bought camera without batteries. Hhhmmmm… Luckily, my camera is fully loaded and I switched the batteries into BF camera.

We reach the first house at 10.30am. He is also a newly wed few days before Gawai. As usual, carbonate drinks is served before the real drinks. Real drinks in Gawai are alcoholic drinks. We are also served with beers and ‘nasi+ayam pansuh’, ‘cha sio’ and curry. I loved the curry. Yummmmmm… AppleJul and I are like the greedy ghost compared with the rest of them.

While waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, we took some photos.

Curry! Luckily manage to eat lots of curry during Gawai. Doctor had advise me not to take anything with santan for a time being

Cheers again!

The TGCM gang

Then, we walked to the second house. Lucky for us that we didn’t wear any high heels. The weather is killing me. Huh! Being ‘puteri lilin’, I really cannot stand the heat of the sun. If I got too heat up, my skin will dried up and become itchy and reddish. Hhmm… Yeah, I think I have skin sensitive problem.

The real drinks showed up at the second house. Beers, vodka and human made alcoholic drinks, tuak are on the menu. Tasted the tuak and I prefer last year tuak. In fact, I had asked BF to ‘tapau’ one bottle for me last year. Hahaha!!

Also, took some candid and food photos at the second house.

BF forcing people to drink ... ermmm.. I think is Vodka


I had no idea what is this call...

Third house is the modernized long house. Again, we walked there. This time, we had to cross small roads with small bridge. BF is too excited and not even bothered to look to his back to see if I am alright. Hhmmm.. Called him to wait for me but I got BSKL (learnt this from secondary, it stands for ‘budak sik kena layan’). Things to learn – wear sport shoes and never expect guys to look back!

Walk walk walk! Walking into the house for Gawai!

At the 3rd house, BF is drunk and yet he says he is not drunk. He starts to speaks a lot (contradict to his silent character bah). As for me, I am way too hot to talk or entertain him.

Cut the crap, some photos again on the modernized long house.

This is antic.. It is said that this 4 items cost thousands of ringgits

Yeah, I know I hug the wrong thing..But BF is too hot bah!

AppleJul & I

Group photo, DD is extremely exhausted

Another group photos

Taking photo under the extreme heat of the sun

Around 3pm, we went to the last station. We walked back using another path. I manage to take photos of the ‘angsa’ that is ready to attack us anytime if they escape from the gate. Well, some of them called me ‘budak bandar’ since I’m so keen of taking a picture of angsa. Hey, bloggers take pictures of anything that interest us and our blog, ok!

Like this photos, but not the background. Hahaha!

Most of us keep dogs to watch over the house. But in kampung, they have 'angsa' to watch over their house

Another snap, this time, I stand somewhere else, hiding away from the sun

I started to feel a bit exhausted. Not much on the fourth house except that I saw pigs (alive one) and pepper trees and other trees at the back of the house. I didn’t have fate to see the shorty dog that I saw last year. Hehehe…

That’s my Gawai visiting for 2009. Few days after that, I get what it takes to be under the sun, that is, a visit to Healthcare Clinic for diarrhea, stomached and vomiting. I guess I am a city girl after all…


Applely said…
Nice gawai visiting ... hehe ..
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Applely ..

Thanks for visiting me .. i added you into my list
Dav DiDi said…
Aiks, i thought you got blogs

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