H1N1 First Local Infection, School Closed Down

It's a shock in my country when the first local infection of H1N1 is detected. What worst is that, it is detected on a 11 year old primary school kids! Personally, this news is a bit scary although there is no cases (yet) reported back at where I stay now.

Result from the first local transmission, SJK (C) Jalan Davidson had been closed for a week. All teachers and students are being home quarantine. For kids, they may think that it is good to have holidays again but holidays at home is another story.

I have posted about H1N1 in my health blog regarding the travelling precautions. Also posted about this disease that has wipe out millions of innocent life back in our the early 1918 (55 mil innocent life!). Influenza Pandemic is even worst than AIDS! What is happening? Why is it there is disease so critically deadly? I believe only God knows why and we can only pray for the best.

The total H1N1 cases in Malaysia is increasing everyday. From what I have heard, we have 50 cases so far. In another week of time, not sure if the quantity will double or not. Is this the punishment from our Mother Earth? Let's just pray that all the patients will recover and be active again socially.


I do pray that it does not become very wide spread. Hope you do well.
Dav DiDi said…
Yeah, hopefully the disease will get under controlled.

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