Japanese Set Lunch

BF and I went for a Japanese set lunch at Tun Jugah last Saturday. As I am short (yeah, have to admit), I purposely chose the tall table with tall chair so that I could feel tall. Hahaha!

The truth, I don’t really agree with the price range for the food here. If compared to Hong Kong Noodles, I would really choose Hong Kong Noodles as not only it is cheaper but also taste better.

Well, never had any Japanese food there before. So we just have a trial food tasting. Our actual target is actually S’wak Plaza food court. I guess both of us is too ‘kampung’. We didn’t know that the food court in Sarawak Plaza is under some construction work.

Anyway, this is what we order. I can’t recall the name. All I know is it is unagi and chicken.

2 sugarcane drinks for 2 ...

Our table..

My fish ... unagi


Total price = RM28/- (exclude drinks)


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