Michael Jackson, King of Rock Dies at Age 50

This morning, while driving to work, radio DJ had announced a very shocking news to the world. Michael Jackson had died at the age of 50!

The King of Pop died after being taken to the hospitals on Thursday after suffering from cardiac arrest. He is pronounces dead at 2:26pm. When he arrives at the hospital, Michael Jackson had been in the coma and later was pronounced dead.

He had been rehearsing for his round the world comeback tour in London in the coming month (July).

Personally I am not the loyal fan of Micheal Jackson. His images in me is the 'moon walk' that he used to do during his concert performance. Apart from that, I remember receiving gift delivered from New York that says is from him (until now, I do not know if this is true or false).


Let's pray for his as he had contribute his life in music firms and rocks the world with his voice. May he rest in peace.

Micheal Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller :


Rose said…
Yeap, he remains a legend.
Dav DiDi said…
The legend of Pop world