One Month NO Shopping Challenge

While I'm doing my budgeting and calculating my expenses every month vs my resolution for 2009, I realize that lately, I've been spending unnecessarily. Although the amount that I spend is RM3-RM10, but when I add all it up, the amount can reach RM100 on NOT IMPORTANT stuff.

I realize that as long as I step my feet out of the house/office, I will always be spending something. In office, I've been tempted to buy tidbits from cafe although they sold it at super expensive price. When going out for lunch, I tends to have side order although whatever order that I've made is enough to fill my stomach. When I accompany BF for lunch, I realize that I will also be tempted to order something although I'm not hungry! When waiting for my dad to buy Toto, I'm tempted with the little shop outside the toto. They are selling those kueh and cakes. I'm not hungry but looking at those food, I just couldn't resist the temptation.

There is one time where my dad went to Kenyalang to buy Toto (some people believe different location, different luck bah). Then, I went into for a walk. I saw a nice color of nail polish (RM3). So I bought it. Then, attracted with 2 facial thingy stuff (RM7). Also, I bought it. I also saw the nail sticker and hairban. Lucky that before I settled my eyes on any of those items, my dad is done with Toto. Else, I'll be buying new DVD movie, new hairban and God knows what else.

So, when I review this month expenses with my saving for this year, it came to my mind to challenge myself NOT TO SPEND on items which is not important and not urgent. The items include:
- Cloth
- Shoes/Sandals
- Nail polish / nail sticker / whatever nail accesories
- Bags
- UNNECESSARY FOOD (I always spend this!!!)
- Cute things (this also attract me A LOT)

Why am I making my life hard? Well, I have few reason. Main reason is I'm using quite a big amount this month to settle something personal. Second reason, unpaid leave continues.

The third reason is I want to know the limit of my own self. In spite having UL, I can be consider more lucky than some people out there. For example those working with salary less than RM1,000 and yet they manage to survive with it. Some have small one to feed and some have multiple sibling depending on them. As for me, I feed myself and I keep nagging and bragging about my pay being cut. What about them? They too have their pay cut and yet able to cope with the situation. And what about those being the victim of retrenchment?

So, I am challenging myself NOT TO SPEND unless it's really needed. Anyone with me ?


Ching Ching said…
you and Julie are banned to go Mr. Ho tomorrow with us.
Dav DiDi said…
Hahaha .. well, some reasons why we can go... 1. Not all the time Jen is here .. 2. I have discount in previledge book bo .. 3. We still need to fill out stomach..


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