Wedding Dinner @ Penview Inn

At the night of the wedding, we are invited to celebrate the joy of the newly wed couple at Penview Inn. The first time that I went to this hotels is few years ago, for lunch buffet. I still remember that they have the quality of food.

On that night, this hotel disappoints me. The waitress is obviously without skills and they seem to be lack of everything. When we got there, no one serves us drinks until the very last minutes, after several times of asking for our cups to be filled. I feel like I’m begging for cup of water. Well, the only drinks that the waitress is holding are Cola. I had no choice but to say OK. I can’t imagine how long I need to wait if I am to request for a cup of plain water.

The dinner is supposed to starts at 6.30pm. As usual, being Malaysian for most of the guest, everyone seems to be ignoring the meaning of punctuality. Dinner starts at 8pm. Again, we are disappointed when the chilies that we ordered come half an hours later. Huh! Not only that, the funniest thing is that they gave us one jug of beers but without empty glass. The reason is because the hotels are run out of glass as there are two other weddings upstairs. Hhmmmm…. This is very ridiculouslass. jug of beers but without empty glass. punctuality. ur cups to be filled.. Since there are 3 weddings in total, isn’t the management supposed to prepare more of everything to ensure smooth running of the hotel? They sure need a planner in the hotel. Hahaha!

Apart from the bad service, everything else is nice. The food is OK, considering that the cook is able to serve 3 weddings dinner’s food. The airconds, well, I can’t breathe! Anyway, it was a very enjoyable night. Too bad, I’m still having flu that night and the lack of oxygen really makes me dizzy.

Anyway, congratulations!


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