Consumer’s Right – Check Label Before Purchase!

Last Wednesday (22nd July 2009), I went to one of the supermarket that is on the way back to my home. Well, I am quite reluctant to say which one. I believe picture speaks louder than words. I normally would not put up the date I went to certain places, but this time, the date is extremely important!
One of the reasons that I went there is because of the pizza bread. Yeah, I am quite fond of their pizza bread as I think that the taste is quite unique and nice. I bought 1 piece for RM2.80. For me, once a while spending money on foods is good as it is a way to pamper ourselves.

So, with my pizza bread, I walked around the supermarket and ate it. Some of the workers there keep looking at me but I don’t care. If I am not allow to eat and walk, they should just come and tell me instead of looking at me.

I went to one section, which is the cold frozen items, salmon. It looks nice and interesting. I believe from the picture, you will agree with me, am I right?

Salmon on the shelf

Hey, wait a minute! Gosh, the expiry date shock me and I quickly put the salmon back on the shelves.

I tried to look for their supervisor to alert them but most of the workers there are busy talking and laughing. Sshheessshhhh!!!!!! Did anyone ever audit them?

I walked away and went to the bread area. Well, I’m not sure if I’m blind or don’t know how to read. But, isn’t this bread expired as well? For me, I usually do my own shelf life extension. But to have an expired food in the market isn’t this violating the consumer rights??

BF and I are laughing non-stop because we felt that we are doing a spot check auditing on this supermarket. We walked around to the canned food items. Most of them that we picked are expiring from Sep’09 to Jan’2010. I’m not sure if this is common but what I know is that The Spring would definitely put those expiring on Sept as goods on cheaper price.

We turned one round and ended at the imported vegetables section. I thought that vegetables have no expiry date, so I picked one and not expecting anymore jokes. Yeah, I consider this as the biggest jokes I’ve ever met.

Luckily, this time, the vegetables are still fresh and ‘alive’.

Then, I went back to the salmon section to see whether the prawn or fish cake is expiring as well. Well, I don’t have words to describe.

Click on the photos and see for yourself. For those pictures taken by BF, there is the date below the photos. I don’t know about you, I normally do only three month self extend for “DRIED” food. Those that expire in Feb normally end up in my rubbish bin.

This teaches me that as consumer, we should check the label before buy! Remember this: CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!

This show that this supermarket is seldom been audited. Where are the related parties? Shouldn’t they conduct auditing across all supermarkets?


JenJen's Place said…
Go rpt them to the Consumer Grp.
Dav DiDi said…
Well, i don't know what number or email wor
RaiNboW said…
I really cannot businessman selling expired food. So immoral!
Dav DiDi said…
Some businessman only think of money masuk poket ... but never think of the consequences ... I really want to alert them yesterday but the workers is way too busy to entertain me!
Dav DiDi said…
The workers are busy talking and laughing out loud