Batu Kawa Township

Few weeks ago, I went to Batu Kawa with my dad. It seems like Batu Kawa has been a place with lots of memory between my dad and mom. He says that back before I'm born, they used to go there by boat.
According to my dad, the famous food there are the meat ball. However, we cannot locate the shop that sells this meat ball. Maybe the owner had already closed down long time ago or maybe the owner decided to discontinued the business after the shop there burnt out not long ago.
Anyway, we walked around and I pass by the "Dewan Chung Hua Batu Kawa". It's quite an old building but it seems to me that there are a lot of happening around the neighbourhood of Batu Kawa.

Then, we went into the temple. My dad says that one of the seven dragon head in Kuching is in this temple. Last time, he went here to get a number and he strike it. Well, for the chinese belief stuff, I'm not really into it. So, I didn't go and ask for number. Hehehehe ...

The pathway to the temple
The dragon
The inner of the temple
It seems to me that this is a good place for those who wants to go fishing. But, if not mistaken, crocodile ever been spotted here. *Gasp*
Good fishing spot
I took some photos around the temple. It seems that this place is also polluted with irresponsible citizens behaviour - littering. Underneath the temple, I can see a lots of plastic bags, lunch box and unwanted bottles. Can't we just be environment friendly and not pollute our mother Earth with those garbage??
Garbage everywhere!!


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