Cheapest Tomato Mee in Kuching

The other day, went for lunch at Pending area (near to 20 sen, opposite Rajah Court) for lunch. Since my dad strike Toto, so he treated us lunch.

This is the first time, after so many years (decade), I've had tomato mee that cost only RM2.50. I'm not sure whether she is just being good or it is normal for tomato mee to cost at RM2.50.
Anyway, here you go.. The cheapest tomato mee that I've tasted in Kuching. The taste, well, 6 out of 10. It seems like sugar is cheap for them because the soup tasted too sweet!

RM2.50 for this Tomato mee


shengfatt said…
look nice loh!
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Shengfatt, sometimes appearance doesn't what it taste .. hehehe ..

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