Food all The Way

Lately, I've been spending a lot on food. It seems like after the announcement made, I'm gaining my old-self slowly. I started to spend without much thinking.

I went to eat Wanton & dumpling as breakfast at 4th mile Everise. One thing I like here is the Chinese stall that is opened by a couple from China. However, it's quite hard for me to place an order since he doesn't speak English or BM and I don't speak good Mandarin. *Sobs*

Dumpling, 10 for RM 4.50

I really like the dumpling! I think they only do when there is order because I had to wait for quite a long time until they deliver the food. At that time, there isn't much people there.

So, that's my breakfast. As for lunch, had a lunch date with BF. As I need to withdraw money, we stop by at the airport. The nearest RHB to my place is airport.

I decide to had lunch at McD airport. When we wants to order, we realize that they don't have the McValue Lunch at mcD airport. BF being the calculative this time and decided to drive to 3rd Mile mcD. Well, I don't mind although I am paying! Yeah, decided to give BF a treat since he will treat me dinner later.

I order the fish fillet burger while BF order our usual lunch set - Big Mac.

Gosh I am way too full to talk!!

Fillet-o-fish burger. RM5.95

The famous Big Mac

For dinner, its steamboat. Since BF is driving in the afternoon, I decided to pick BF to go for dinner. We went for steamboat near to Satok (beside Magenta). BF likes here because according to him, the marinated meat is better.

BF eating the crab

For me, I'm there for the crab. My head is full with crab, crab and more crab!! I think I ate 3 crab that night. And un-count-able clam.


After the dinner, I declare myself malfunction. I can't even move my pity tummy which looks round and big.
Not much photos because (1) Didn't charge my phone and (2) I'm blinded with crab.


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