Guy's Mindset vs Girl's Action

This morning, I got quite annoyed with BF.... It makes me think a while. Guys always say that girls are hard to please but it's not true. For me, I think it's the other way round...Don't believe me? Well, see what I wrote in summary below.

When she talks a lot, he say she is noisy
When she kept quiet, he ask why so quiet

When she keeps reminding on something, he say she is 'loso'
When she stop reminding, he ask why she didn't remind

When she is complaining, he say she is gossiping
When she stop complaining, he ask why she don't share her feelings

When she go shopping, he say she is wasting money
When she stop shopping, he ask why she looks ugly

When she talk of diet, he say she think too much about weight
When she grow fat, he say she looks plum and meaty

When she takes time to dress p, he say she is troublesome
When she dress up for dinner in simple due to timing issue, he ask why so simple

Hey guys, is it that guys are harder to please than girl????

Anyway, picture of the day ....

My dog.. looking out excitedly at a male dog outside .. but the male dog doesn't show attraction .. I guess my dog had to forget about him


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