Cheapest Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Not long ago, I had posted the cheapest tomato mee in town. This time, it's the western sandwich - Ham & cheese sandwich. You can find this at the Boulevard food bazaar. The stall is located almost at the middle with the stall name Oriental something. Hehe.. I can't really remember the stall name.

Anyway, in Boulevard, you had to serve yourself by paying and bringing your food from the stall to your sitting place. So, while waiting for them to prepare my sandwich, I stand there and watch them preparing. Here's what they put in my sandwich:

- 3 pc of bread
- 1 slice of tomatoes
- 2 piece of ham
- 2 piece of cheese (like the cheedar cheese sold in a packet of 12 pc per packet)
- Veggies
- Mayonaise

While looking at them preparing the food, it keep me wonder.... Do they make any profit out of it? Well, if not mistaken, 1 packet of cheese cost about RM9, which means 1 piece is about 75 cents. Let say the ham cost 30 cents per piece. For this two, it already cost them RM1.50 + RM0.60 = RM2.10. This cost is not including the veggies, tomatoes, mayonaise, manpower and even the stall monthly rental cost.

I wonder if they make any profit or not.....

Anyway, I order fries as well. Not much comment on the food since it's easy to prepare food. The only comment is they need to improve on delivery time. Hehehe ...


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