MBO Cinema

BF and I went to the MBO Cinema the other day to try out the new cinema. Being the pure Malaysian culture, we would usually go for new stuff all the time.

As it is public holiday that day, you can see that there are a lot of people queue-ing up to experience the new environment. Well, as it is public holiday, the management should have more than one person working at the counter. Before the movie experience, I am already feeling pretty irritated. It is all about queue-ing:

- Went there at 12.30pm, queue for 2 ticket until 1.30pm = 1 hour waiting
- Went for short lunch, again queue for 15 minutes
- Went up since the movie starts at 2.45pm.
- Buy popcorn (I want to try if it's nice) = 20 minutes waiting
- Luckily I do not have to wait for available toilet

Weekdays crowd is less
Even the popcorn are pretty much empty
Public Holidays - Malaysians everywhere!

Then, we went up to the cinema. On the way from the entrance up to the cinema, I am really amazed with the designs. I feels like I'm entering the hallway to a casino. Too bad, I'm too amazed to take any photos.
The entrances gateway

We watched Gamers at Cinema 8.

My experience.. well.......

- The movie is too lousy, I almost fall asleep
- The air condition is very bad. I feel so hot and the cushion is absorbing my heat, which makes me hotter
- The screen is quite small
- It's way too light. I can see everyone, even those sitting few metres away from me
- The sound system not very good
Without flash .... I can see those sitting across my seats .. it's too light
I heard other cinema hall is very cooling and big screen. Well, they have a long way to improve for cinema 8. As for me, RM11 for Gamers is totally not worth the money.
Haaaiihzzzzz............Anyway, perhaps I should try and experience other hall.


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