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Stress Management

Lately been a bit stress with work.. yeah a bit...

And it's raining.. or just after rain.. not sure if it's a good idea to swim..

And BF ain't want bowling ..

So instead.. this is what I do...


Of course BF had to give way so that I can win ....It's been more than a year since the lastime I touch this table ...

And then shopping ... no photos of what I buy though...

2 tell DD:

Rose 10:15 AM  

BDC Bowling alley?? hehhe! Why u didnt invite me?? I am just a drive away. :p

Dav DiDi 11:32 AM  

Hahhahaa .... I dunno u like bowling too .. well , the lastime i played is 4 yrs ago..sob sob, nobody wants to play this .. even 'cuci longkang' also i want .. haha

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