1st of Oct 2009

Yeah, this is quite a weird posting since this is the first time I'm celebrating the beginning of the month. Anyway, many things happen this year, good and bad things. Despite all that, it is now the end of the year and soon we will be celebrating 2010.

I believe most of us are more in bad situation rather than good situation this year. The economic crisis is really getting us to dig deeper into our wallet. Hopefully, with 2010 getting nearer all this bad things would turns into good news. After all, there's a say that good things always happens after bad things... and it is always doubled hapiness after bad stuff. I do believe this and for me, this is really what I get. Hehehe, not going to elaborate why I'm saying this..... It's our journey of life and everyone's will go through different types of route.

So I think it's time for me to update my resolutions for 2009 again. Hahaha!! Well, I didn't get into any of my goals actually, which makes me feel a bit annoyed as I'm setting a goal that I didn't even able to get. *sigh*

So, instead of speaking what a failure I am, I rather show everyone the video of my dog, licking ice cream from the stick....

And after the nice ice cream as dessert, this is what happens to her ....


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