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Kenyalang, The Historical Shopping Paradise

Last Saturday, I went to Kenyalang since it's been a long time I have not been there. When I'm kid, I use to walk around Kenyalang as if I own this place. I studied in SK Kenyalang for 2 years and then SRB St. Faith until I've finish UPSR. Kenyalang brings back a lot of memories. Memory of how my friend and I use to walk to Sugarbun and had our lunch, memories of how we walked back to her house, memories of how we walk to St. Faith church and played there until we get warning for tresspassing. We are not a bad kid just naughty. I still remember how we, in a group hand in hand together crossing the roads, conflicts between friends and teachers. Hahahaha...

OK, enough about the history of me. My dad went to the pet shop here and I'm attracted to the guinea pigs. They are so cute!! I wish I can bring them home. They sold it for RM38 each or RM70 for two. So cute!! Guinea pig is very tame actually.

After that, as usual, 4D/Toto/Cash Sweep for my dad and for me, a tour inside the theatre. As I have bad experience in buying dvd here, this time, I rather eye shopping on the clothes and nail polish. I thought of getting new nail polish (again) but knowing that I really need to spend less this month, I just did another eye shopping on the nail polish. Well, I bought the china-made facemask though. It looks so attractive. Tried it already and its very cooling. Sorry, no photos of it.....

So, after that, went for breakfast a.k.a lunch. I'm thinking of the pork meat (can't recall how to mention in English). In hokkien, usually we say 'teng'. So, my dad bring me to a shop that sells chicken rice and this pork meat. Being a pensioner that travel for food during the day, my dad have gone to all sorts of coffee shop in Kuching and know where to get what food to fill the empty stomach.

I grade this shop 9 out of 10 (dd never give full mark, ok). Although the shop looks old and cleanliness doesn't seems to be top priority, the chicken rice is really yummy. This chicken rice cost me RM4.60. I guess it's because I ask them to add the egg. But, it's really worth the money.

Oh ya, they have peanut soup instead of normal water+salt = soup type. It's marvellous!!!

Not forgetting the chillies and belachan. I thought of asking them to sell the belachan to me.....

Overall, I'm way too full and very satisfy. Trust me, this is better than chicken rice sold at The Spring food court!!! Oppps, sorry if I offended anyone....

4 tell DD:

Daniel Liew 10:29 AM  

Hi DD, I'm coming back to Kuching end of this year for Christmas. Perhaps we should catch up for a lunch or dinner when you're free. Cheers.

Dav DiDi 1:16 PM  

Hey, sure ... do you mind if my BF join? Hahaha, later he freak out with who I'm meeting up .. hahaha ... jk

Rose 11:17 AM  

One thing about Kenyalang is that you can find almost everything there. I also have some history in Kenyalang there, grow up there. hahaha!

Dav DiDi 12:26 PM  

Hi Rose, yeah ... i have lots of memories there .... the only thing we can't find in Kenyalang is pharmacy .. even Spring doesn't have pharmacy ...

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