Lantern Festival a.k.a Mid-Autumn Festivals

I would like to wish everyone a very best celebration of lantern festival. Recently a friend of mine have ask me this question - "What does lantern festival means?". As a chinese (a shameful chinese), I only know lantern festival means bringing a 'tanglung' around and mooncake will be one of the major giftaway on that month. The exact meaning of it, I really don't know.

So instead, I go google about it. Lantern festival or known as Shang Yuan festival takes place on the fifteen day of the first moon. It is also known as little new year, which officially ends the Chinese New Year.

During this occasion, childrens would usually go out at night to temples carrying temple. I still remember that when I'm young, I joined in the outing at night too. The only difference is that I went round the neighbourhood and my cousin house instead of temple.

In the olden days, laterns are simple. In todays' world, lantern can be seen in all sorts of shapes, even in animal shape with bulb or some traditional one, candle.


P/S: According to wikipedia, this two festival are not the same. Well, this is for you to find out....


Anonymous said…
Nice sharing!

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