23% KWSP Member States Their Beneficiary

In Kosmo today, one of the news that interest me is the beneficiary for the KWSP member should the member died.

Well, sadly to say I'm one of the 77% that did not mention about any beneficiary. I didn't know whether or not I mention as since day one, I did not go to the building to check and update it.
Many of us did not think that it's necessary to update the beneficiary. But who can guess the future? What if something happen and the money goes to God knows what fund?

As a KWSP member, we really should check from time to time to make sure that the money will not be gone if we died. There are a lot of cases where family members of the KWSP personnel fail to withdrawn the money of their loves one as there's no beneficiary stated for the deceased.

I'll be planning to take half day to update my beneficiary and at the same time, cancelling my credit card.


Rose said…
u better fill in a name for your beneficiary. I done mine few years ago.
Dav DiDi said…
i heard they say it's better to check every 2-3 yrs oh .... one of my colleague found out the beneficiary name is 'gone' after few years...

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