Aerobics - Good Exercise for Everyone

It's been almost 2 years that I've joined aerobics classes. Most of the time, I always late to the centre due to my office hour and the time it starts. However, last week, I got lucky as I reached the centre earlier than usual. I guess it's because of school holidays is around the corner.

Anyway, I got bored and start snaping photos around the centre. My instructor reached there earlier too. So, while waiting for the time, she demonstrates how step aerobics is. I did attend her step aerobics classes but since it moved to 101, I didn't join anymore. I am way too lazy to drive there although premier 101 is quite near to my house. Anyway, for those who is wondering what is step aerobics, can come over my health blog and check out the video.

The aerobics starts with 15 minutes warming up session. I think I've memorizing all the warming up step. Hahaha... After that, we will do some tummy exercise before moved on to 'rotan' aerobics. Then, the next exercise would be working out with dumbell. I did have my dumbell but I always forgot to bring. Waste my money buying them and not making full use of them.. Huh.... I really should remind myself to bring each time there's aerobics.

Anyone interested? Well, can join me anytime you want. The class starts at 6.15pm (sometimes 6pm) to 7.15pm. Venue.. If you know where TOTO shop in Hui Sing, then you will definitely know where is this aerobics centre. It is right on top of the TOTO centre. Then centre called S.Ling Yoga (or something like that).
One thing I learnt here: Aerobics or any sports are exercise to keep us away from sickness. Not to get thinner and thinner until bones ...


Rose said…
I must go to aerobic classes......I miss those workouts!
Dav DiDi said…
Hahaha.. come come .. join me :)
Anonymous said…
exercise is always good! thank you for the comment and for visiting my site
Darryl said…
Aerobics like other activities if you don't have fun doing it you won't.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Darryl,
Yes I agree with you

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