Gift Donations for the Kids in Rural Area

As Christmas is approaching, my church had appeal for gift donations for the kids in rural area. The gift must be wrap nicely and place at the special designated box.

I would definitely prepare some gift every year. I take it as a way of donations since I always forgets to bring my wallets during the mass. Last year, I've prepared three sets of presents that contains pencils, pen, color pencils and other stationery items.

Last Sunday, Father Lim had made an announcement regarding what items we should get. I almost laughed when he says that there are some presents containing plates and some of it broken before arriving at the rural areas. Some other gifts are electrical goodies. In order not to angered anyone, he mentions that it is very kind of us to get expensive stuff for the kids but what can a 5 year old do with plates or electrical stuff?

So, since he made the announcement, I doubt I'll be getting stationaries as everyone might be buying that now.

While shopping around Boulevard, I saw this cute little bags. I thought of getting one for myself since I don't have a suitable bags for aerobics and yoga (look out for posting in my health blog).
BF and I shared, so we bought 6 sets of presents containing a school bag, a ABC books and a paper bags as wrapping.

Well, I chose to wrap the gift with paper bags because it's easier and they can recycle the use of the paper bag rather than throw away the wrapping (save our Earth, reduce global warming effect).
So, anyone wants to contribute? God bless!! Happy pre-xmas!!!


Rose said…
Every year without miss I would donate something for the children of Salvation Army when I worked in my previous company with exception of this year.....I havent plan what to buy but with me working soon and earning some income, I must pledge to donate something to the needy children.
Dav DiDi said…
ya.. not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy what we enjoy ... although we keep on complaining lack of this that .. those who really lack of it didn't even complain ...

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