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Konichiwa! Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Yeah, I'm putting some Japanese into this blog. Thanks to my friend and colleagues that just came back from Japan. Well, I guess he went there quite often since he is working at a Japanese company. Shall I ask him to buy more? Hahaha....

The first gift is a lady dress in white, I think she is greeting 'ohayo'. He get this as a token of appreciation for us during his friendly trip over to Kuching. The second is from a colleague. A keychain of a girl dress in kimono. He bought this during his paper presentation last month.
Aren't both of them match to be on my table? Hehehe....

OKOK, I know I have to watch out for 5S ... Hhmmmm.... The deer is actually last year Christmas present. It is actually chocolates but I couldn't bring myself to eat it... Well, expires already and since then it stays on my table...

So apart from that, I have food from Japan too. Well, I don't know what they call this but it taste nice and is not very sweet which is good.

2 tell DD:

Rose 8:54 PM  

Wow! Your deer chocolate still survive after 1 year?? But it is nice gift. and I love those Japanese dolls!! :p

Dav DiDi 7:23 AM  

Hehehe.. thanks to my colleague and supplier for giving me a cute dolls ...

Yalor, my deer is still surviving ... i think it's because of the aircond .. that's why it didn't melt

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