Let's Play Badminton at Arena Sukan

Last Wednesday, I went to play badminton with BF. Well, it's been 14 years since the lastime I touched my badminton racket.
The good thing of buying a good racket is the shelf life of it. Good quality racket can last longer and not heavy too.

Anyway, for those who wants are new in Kuching and wonders where is a good place to play badminton, you can try out the Arena Sukan at Tabuan Jaya (just opposite Iglool, King Centre). Of course Arena Sukan is not the only place to play badminton. They have 9 courts available and you can easily booked them either by phone calls or just drop in to the centre. The fees is RM15 per hour.

Next - Badminton @ Hui Sing Community Centre


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