My House Is My Dog's Playground

Recently, my dog is being quite misbehave. She is starting to chew on things like cushion, fake flowers, wyre and even screw driver! Even if I've kept the stuff as high as on top of the cabinet or tv, she seems to know her way up to get what she wants.

When we went to Serian, Pooh is showing her ability to 'decorate' the house. She pulled out the cushion (I've already put something to prevent her from taking them) with God knows what tactic and starts to chew on it. Not only that, she take the fake flowers from the table and play too! I think she got up the table by jumping up the chair and then up to the table. I found out there's two screw driver on the floor.
Flowers and cushions bits and pieces everywhere

I got very mad with the little 'decorations that she had made. I shouted at her, saying "Pooh very naughty!". In a glimpse of eye, she run and hide underneath the cabinet. Sheeshhhh... Why is she doing what she not suppose to do knowing that it's not what will please her master??

While cleaning the floor, I mumbled by myself and she don't even dare to move or make any sound.... Well, I guess she feels lonely since we are gone from the house for almost one whole day. I have to sweep away all the rubbish, mop it so that the floor is dirt free.

I tell her "Master angry". I think she knows what I mean because she hide underneath the cabinet until almost 7pm. Hehehe....

Then after that, while watching tv, I lie on the floor. Pooh came near to me with her toy, as if asking for forgiveness. I told her "Pooh naughty again, master throw Pooh away". She sat right beside my head as if telling me that she won't do it again. Oh well, let's just wait and see. I can't resist not to snap any photos. Hehehehe.....

After asking for forgiveness, she went back to sleep on her own matress...... She must be extremely exhausted due to worry that I won't want her anymore.

Oh well, this is another episodes of my 'sister' a.k.a pet.

P/S: Remember my long ago posting about a dog that got into an accident and now is 3-legged dog? He is still very much alive and is now staying at the temple nearby. The other day, when I pass by the place after my jogging, I saw him and he still remembers me. So happy to see him alive and happy....

I called him "big dog" ... his right front leg is no longer usable.


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