Pullman Hotel

Kuching is becoming more and more advance with technologies and building. The latest hotels is known as "Pullman Hotel".
As I got plenty of time to waste, I went there last Saturday to see for myself how big is the hotel. I can't believe my eyes when I saw that the hotel is really big. From the outside, it is definitely the best hotel I've seen so far. They have Hills shopping malls which schedule to open mid of this month.

The entrance of the hotel is guarded by security guard. I can see that they have quite a lot of customers already. Out of curiousity, I went into the hotel for a tour. Yeah, sound like someone who never been to a hotel! Anyway, the space is really big. They have a lot of cushions and small tables for people to sit down and relax. The decorations is nice too, very artistic. I'm not sure where they purchase all the decorations but it really suits the design and layout of the hotels.

I tried to find the way to their shopping mall but failed. So I ask some of the workers there. It appears to me that some of them don't even know that they have malls. Hhhmmmm... Or perhaps, I've asked the first day workers. Anyway, I really love the layout and design. If I got the chance, I wants to stay here for a night. Hehehe....

The swimming pool is very classy too. They have a bar near the pool side. I tried to snap the photo but the girl keep looking at me as if I'm trying to rob them. Hhmmmm..... Can I jump into the pool?? Can I? Can I?

Come come, join me for a swim!

Anyway, enjoy the photos.....
The pathway on first floor

Let's sit and talk


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