DIY Earring Box

After preparing the 'tang yuen' during Christmas time, I kept thinking what should I do with the packaging. As I used to recycle stuff that I can recycle, the small holes from the packaging attracts me as it looks like there's something I can do with it.

Then, I remember my earring collection which is so messy around my tables. The packaging looks like it can be converted into earring box! Hahaha..

So after washing the box and make sure that there's no more dirt on it, I dry them and put some cotton on each of the holes. After that, one of the box is use to hold dangling earring. Of course, one box isn't enough to hold all my dangling earrings. So, the other box is combination of dangling and non-dangling earrings. Hehehe..


After that, I kept feeling that the little earring box that I have is way too simple. At the same time, I saw my old time favourite movie schedule to show on Monday, 28th December at 3.00pm - The Incredibles. I likes the baby boy "Jack Jack" in the movies. My head can only think of The Incredibles that I actually bought stickers of them. Gosh, I feel like I am only 10 years old. Hahaha...

So, the final results.......

Yeah, can't wait to eat the next round of 'tang yuen'.


Rose said…
Wow! that is very creative, Didi!!! I always wonder how can I store all my earrings. Especially those dangling ones, because sometime they can get tangle with one another if put into one box.... hmm, must think of recyling project. Thanks for the idea, Didi!!
Dav DiDi said…
Hahhahaa .. welcome .. the box is just looks too good to throw away .. and since i have lots of earring, i just make use of it :)

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