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eMART - Clothes at wholesales Prices

Wonder where to get cheap shirts with wholesales prices? Last weekend I went to emart after seeing their advertisement on shirts at wholesales prices.

Previously the shirts are as low as RM15. Last weekend, they had lowered the price of clothing to as low as RM10! I'll be very guilty if I say that I'm not attracted to the promotions. Where can we find shirts as low as RM10 nowadays? Everything seems to go up in price (except for salary, lol).

Ok, back to the topic of emart. It takes us about 40 minutes to reach the destination due to some road maintenance at the Matang area. Gosh, they should have carry out the work at night or weekdays, not on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS! The road maintenance activities had causes traffic jams. I bet walking will be faster than driving.

Emart is a big supermarket, selling not only clothing but groceries items. There's also small stalls selling a lot of items such as silvers, clothes, bags and food. I didn't go to the supermarket though because I'm hunting for CNY clothing.

There's one thing that you won't be able to find at any other supermarket but here, they are selling it openly.. DURIAN

Finally, I'm standing right in front of the wholesale entrance. I'm amazed to see how advertisement attracts us, ladies. In the shop, there are dozens of ladies from age 10 to 60, hunting for clothes. I felt suffocated though as the place seems to be not air-conditioned. Some more, there's no place to try out the clothes.

I saw some ladies take the clothes as if they don't have to pay for it. As for me, after 15 minutes hunting, I manage to grab only ONE shirt. Hahaha...

When I reach the short pants area, I spent more than 15 minutes looking throught the pants. RM10 for a short pants is very attractive. Anyway, I end up not buying any because of the size. Sometimes, I could fit into M, sometimes L and sometimes S. It all depend on the cutting of the trousers. Huh.....

When come to think of it, I think it's not worth it. Why? The shirt might only be RM10 but the petrol to emart might already cost RM5 or more!! Is it really 'termurah in M'sia'?? Well, it's up to you to determine ...

4 tell DD:

Rose 3:49 PM  

I cannot remember I even buy anything there! hahah! too far for me to go there. so not attracting me lah....

Dav DiDi 4:20 PM  

Rose, for me, it's a waste of time ... the shirt there isn't the cheapest that I've found. some more, the quality really not as good as some place with the same price as theirs .. for us staying super far, it's really not worth the value... and most important, cannot try ...

sweetromance 3:59 AM  

It almost never works out if you can't try on the clothes first. If you can't use it when you get home, it's not much of a bargain.

Dav DiDi 7:24 AM  

SweetRomance, Yeah, I agree .. the dress might looks nice but not necessary nice on us.. best is to try it out before buying ...

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