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Updates for 2009 Resolution

As year end is approaching, I guess it's time to check on whether there's any achievement on the target that I've set for the year of 2009. When I browse back on the challenge that I set for myself, I wonder what drives me to set all the resolutions. Haha...

Okok, cut the crap, let me see. My 2009 resolutions is divided into 2 parts. First part is on financial terms:

1. Settled my second debt - DONE in Mar'09
2. Settle PTPTN to 10K - FAILED. I only manage to drive the number to below 16K. Mainly is because of the economy downturn.
3. Target amount saving of xx - FAILED. Again, it's because of the economy downturn

The second parts are mainly on self-improvement:
4. Meet my target weight of 46kg - FAILED. I'm stuck as xx KG
5. Learn yoga - attended 4 class only in a year
6. Get an oven and learn cooking - FAILED. Its way from my mind.
7. Changing phone model - DONE. But it's a birthday present rather than I get it for myself. Kekeke...
8. Moving my blog to an earning blog - on going. Well, I did earn SOME but its not even enough to cover my time and effort I've put in this blog. Anyway, we should be thankful, am I right? Hehehe..

Hhhmmm, 3 out 8 achieved. OMG!!!! Shall I set 2010 resolution?

2 tell DD:

Rose 8:48 AM  

better set 2010 resolutions. at least you got goals so you can plan what and how you want to achieve them this year!! Good luck.

Dav DiDi 9:18 AM  

Rose, yeah already set.. hopefully i'll achieve it :)

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