Updates for 2009 Resolution

As year end is approaching, I guess it's time to check on whether there's any achievement on the target that I've set for the year of 2009. When I browse back on the challenge that I set for myself, I wonder what drives me to set all the resolutions. Haha...

Okok, cut the crap, let me see. My 2009 resolutions is divided into 2 parts. First part is on financial terms:

1. Settled my second debt - DONE in Mar'09
2. Settle PTPTN to 10K - FAILED. I only manage to drive the number to below 16K. Mainly is because of the economy downturn.
3. Target amount saving of xx - FAILED. Again, it's because of the economy downturn

The second parts are mainly on self-improvement:
4. Meet my target weight of 46kg - FAILED. I'm stuck as xx KG
5. Learn yoga - attended 4 class only in a year
6. Get an oven and learn cooking - FAILED. Its way from my mind.
7. Changing phone model - DONE. But it's a birthday present rather than I get it for myself. Kekeke...
8. Moving my blog to an earning blog - on going. Well, I did earn SOME but its not even enough to cover my time and effort I've put in this blog. Anyway, we should be thankful, am I right? Hehehe..

Hhhmmm, 3 out 8 achieved. OMG!!!! Shall I set 2010 resolution?


Rose said…
better set 2010 resolutions. at least you got goals so you can plan what and how you want to achieve them this year!! Good luck.
Dav DiDi said…
Rose, yeah already set.. hopefully i'll achieve it :)

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